Mum likes my Kebabs

It’s been a strange few weeks since i got back. I’ve spent each week housed at either my parents’ or my sister’s homes, and this has been challenging at times.

Until i organise my flat in London and have somewhere to call my own, i won’t really feel settled. It looks likely that i will move into my new place, in Clapham South, on Tuesday early next week. That will be a great relief.

It has certainly been nice to spend some time with my family after my extended period abroad, and we have done some fun things too, but i really need to feel like i am getting on with organising things for the future, and i can’t do that until i have a base.

In my time at my parents’ cottage at Norfolk we have had little trips out to Cromer (which brought back some fun memories from childhood) and other feature spots along the Norfolk coast. I also have seen lots of my Dad’s latest paintings, and tried to learn how to play Mah Jongg (they have had a set for years, and never got round to playing it). We also fitted some swimming in too. In return i have done a little cooking for my parents, including today’s Kofta Kebabs whilst my dad recovers from man flu. They went down a storm! I truly cannot wait to have my own flat with fancy kitchen and hope to rekindle my love for cooking which i had before i went over to China and became super lazy.

Anyway, the wait should still be over and i shold be settled into my new flat next week, hopefully. Then i can get on with everything else…

Cromer, Norfolk Day Trip – Rolling Back The Years

It is a good 20 years since i last went here, and it was great to go back to the seaside resort of Cromer where i had caught smal crabs many years ago as a youngster. It is one of my few memories of childhood and so wanted to spend a few hours pottering around this quiet town to see if it had changed, and try to see if i could recall any of it again.

Though cold, the weather was good with clear sunshine helping me to take some decent photos, see below. We also had customary Fish ‘n’ Chips, with additional Baked Beans for me! The place really reminded me of Old England, a far cry from the hectic, multi-cultural life in London that i had been involved in myself. I’ll be honest, i certainly prefer the latter, which offers up more choice and variety to our otherwise mundane lives, but to see Cromer for the day was interesting and relaxing.

Something i would say for Norfolk from the few days that i have been here is the incredible friendliness that people seem to offer freely around which i have not experienced in China or indeed in London. It is refreshing and takes a while to get used to.

It suits my parents to be here in Norfolk, as my father happily talks to anything and anyone. Later in life, such places would be ideal, but for now the money and culture is in London, so that is where i will head on Friday…








New Mobile Number – 07813 138273 – Please Text Me Yours!

New phone number, pay as you get friends, i just now need a new job and flat! The search will begin later this week and i shall pop to London and take it from there. All this sort of stuff is really boring but once it is done i should be more relaxed back in UK.

I have spent a few days at my parents’ cottage in Norfolk which has been ok, and good to see them, but after a while it can be frustrating as i can’t get anything done here. I felt obliged to stay after not seeing them for over a year, and they’ve helped me to reactivate my bank cards and sort a few other things out.

My first reaction on getting home was of just how cold it is, having been in Kuala Lumpur at the start of the week. November to February are always a bit nippy here, so it wasn’t anything i wasn’t expecting, but was still a shock to the system. I didn’t even have any jeans or trousers on me, as had slashed the bottom halfs off to make some funky shorts, which will now be useless for the next 6 months. I don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon, certainly not on a plane! I am happy to keep it simple and just generate some cash for Ruby’s visa application. We hope she can apply around the turn of the year. Each application costs £600, so i don’t want to apply without being ready and having a good chance of success.

She was pretty upset when we separated in Southern Thailand, but now seems ok as her company finally coughed up her bonus which will keep her going for months. She’s even planning to buy a new camera so that she can keep me updated on her latest adventures in China. She’s visiting a friend in Hunan province who lent her some money for the trip.

I must say it feels pretty strange being back home now, and i don’t have a feeling of home anywhere anymore, unfortuantely. I am hoping that a few years in London will bring that back though, particularly if we can manage to arrange a mortgage next year. I always had great affection for London and it will now seem relatively calmer and quiet to where i was in Shanghai, so hope we can be happy there for some time. Over the last few years we have both lived in several cities and it would be nice for us to finally settle somewhere for an extended period. Of course, the main issues with that is whether Ruby gets a visa or not, and also whether she likes living in London or not. I think she will generally like the differences, but the climate and the cuisine maybe a problem, but only time will tell…