Suzhou Weekend – Trip to Suzhou from Shanghai by Train

We had a fun trip last weekend to the city of Suzhou, just half an hour from Shanghai on the bullet trains! Tickets cost about 25Y from what i remember, per person for a single. We found tickets fairly easy to get hold of, close to the time of the journey.

Suzhou is certainly a more relaxed city than Shanghai, with some good shopping streets and a calmer, quieter atmosphere. Suzhou is best known for its gardens dotted around the city, and we visited a couple on the Sunday before returning home. The previous day we just popped about and get an idea for where everything was, and neither Ruby or I had visited the city before.

Quite a few foreigners live here and i can understand why. There is enough a foreigner to feel at home, when they need it, but Suzhou has enough differences to Shanghai to appeal to those who want a smaller city with less “madness”! I could see alot of expats moving to here once Shanghai becomes too much.