Xinjiang riots & Trip to Xinjiang next month!

Xinjiang, one of the largest Chinese provinces in the far west, is experiencing serious ethnic unrest currently, with hundreds of Han Chinese killed.

Sadly, i must visit this area in the coming weeks in order to help Ruby to receive a Chinese passport and to update her ID Card. It is clearly not safe for her there, currently, so said i would come with her.

Xinjiang is a beautiful province with some amazing scenery which i am happy to explore. The problem is it will take a 30-hour-plus train journey to get there, and the place is currently experiencing temperatures of 41C, according to my google weather search. As such, in agreeing to go, i will be in the hottest place that i have ever visited, and need to take my longest ever train journey too. It is very important for her to go, though, and is not safe for her alone, so i will go with her.

Apparantly the temperatures maybe high in western china but perhaps wont share the same ridiculous humidity of the big cities in the east, like Shanghai. I find myself confined to my bedroom for long periods to enjoy the cool breezes and also struggle to sleep at the moment.

Xinjiang will be another interesting place to visit after our trip to Xiamen & WuYiShan, which i will write up some posts on them soon. There are plenty of pics from that trip in my flickr accout, see the right hand column of this blog.