Day Two in Lanzhou – Trip to Theme Park & Drinking Baijiu with Family

We had a fun day today, starting with a trip to … following a funny trip in a 3-wheeler down a steep, bumpy “road”. Once there we went Ice Skating, Karting and we fired some old chinese artillery guns too.
Some of the rides looked poorly maintained so i wasn’t willing to go on them, and the effect of the nearby factories was clear to see, with a mirky air and dirty buildings common place, as sadly is the case with most of the city.

After this we went to one of the many Xinjiang restaurants that are in Lanzhou, and enjoyed some tasty kebabs with Naang at crazily cheap prices. We got through 40 small kebabs between the four of us, for a paltry 30 Yuan / £3!

We then went onto one of the major parks of the city. Due to the cold most plants and trees in the region looked in a state of shock, and so it wasnt the best time to visit here. Though not hungry, Ruby’s father persuaded us to join him and his girlfriend for dinner shortly after. It seemed one of the best restaurants in the city, serving tasty Huo Guo, the perfect antidote to the freezing weather outside.

Alongside the feast we also got involved with Red Wine, the best Chinese wine that i have had so far, plus alot of Baijiu. I eventually was persuaded…