Vietnam Consulate – Shanghai

Thumbs up to these boys. They delivered my visa this morning, so now i am off to Vietnam on Thursday, great! Now can relax, and get ready! Does anyone know anything about this country?? I expect it to be a little like Thailand, hopefully.

[ For those searching for details on the Vietnam Consulate in Shanghaisee below ]

Most information i got from this forum thread.

It was quite tricky to find the consulate, even the taxi driver didn’t know. It is about a 20 minute walk from Pudong Avenue metro (line 4, i think?!). It is in a very plush, large black building on the corner as described in the forum. I went in the early afternoon and was in and out in about 20 minutes. If you need it the same say day, you will need to turn up in the morning, and then return after 4pm to pick it up. If this information is of use to you, or you have any questions, feel free to throw a comment over to me.

Netcircle Xmas Party 2008, Shanghai

Last Friday we had our company party, hosted in our rather funky offices. See photos below for the general idea, it was great fun. We had a DJ, free drinks and everyone brought some food and a pressie for secret santa.

We arrived a little late but still had plenty of time to catch up with everyone plus win ourselves an 8GB Ipod from the raffle. I already have one so gave it to Ruby, who was too scared to claim it, haha. She can practice her English with it plus watch travel documentaries that i can download for her. By this stage, everyone was quite rowdy. There was an interesting mix of Chinese and westerners.

After taking advantage of the Baileys, Red Wine and Champagne it was definitely time to return home at about 3am. Unfortunately Saturday was a bit of a write-off, after popping into work for a couple of hours i had to quickly retreat to my bed.