Chinese Grand Prix 2008, Shanghai

Lewis Hamilton wins Chinese F1 Grand Prix, Shanghai

We had a great time this weekend at the Shanghai F1 race track. I was delighted to see Lewis Hamilton win and take a large step towards winning the World Championship.

I went with several work colleagues to both the qualifying on Saturday and Race Day on Sunday. The qualifying was ok and a good way to work out our best way of reaching the stadium from central Shanghai, but it was not until Sunday that we experienced the exciting atmosphere of this sport. By then the stands were packed and the racing was both loud and competitive.

The Shanghai circuit is around a one hour coach journey from central Shanghai, and there were plenty of coaches put on for spectators, which we picked up from Hongkou Football Stadium. The race track itself was very modern and clean, though catering was pretty dis-organised with most stalls selling out of food about an hour before the race even started. Most locals were wearing souvenir Ferrari merchandise that was available around the ground, but i found seldom few for any other constructors.

I was pleased to see plenty of Chinese at the race, it wasn’t just foreigners at all, as the high prices could easily have put many off. Some stands were saved for local children too which was a nice idea.

Lewis Hamilton was very dominant all weekend from practice and qualifying, through to the race itself. My main gripe with the sport is the lack of overtaking and crashes that we witnessed in the two days. However the sheer noise and atmosphere was enough to make this trip well worth it, and an experience i hope to repeat in the UK one day.