London Web Developer

London Web Developer

London Web Developer

Please find details here of the locations in which i am happy to work. In summary, anywhere in London should be fine for me, and i particularly prefer work in Central London or close to my flat in the Canary Wharf/Greenwich area of South East London.

Canary Wharf specialises in finance roles with some web development, but most work suitable for me appears more centrally. Up to now, my roles have been in the likes of Victoria, Hammersmith, Notting Hill, Oxford Circus and Bank.

Aside from my preferred spots, i am happy to also complete contract work in any other part of the capital too, and perhaps some of the suburbs, like Kent and Surrey – for the right role.

I have in recent years also considered working abroad or elsewhere in the UK and am always open to new opportunities. Feel free to run any new contracts by me as i try to be flexible where interesting roles crop up. Having worked in China previously, i understand the positives to be gained from trying new environments, and contracts offer a chance to dip your toes in but without having to move lock-stock and barrel to a new area.

Below you can find more information on specific parts of the city that i would be happy to work in, and those offering roles outside the capital should also get in touch regarding new front-end roles. The likes of Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds would certainly be tempting for future work. Countries of interest could be Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Germany, so long as the office was English-speaking as was the case at the NetCircle in Shanghai. For foreign contract work around Europe, feel free to contact me.

For those based in and around the capital, i am available for work in most areas, see below for more specific regions that i can drop in for the right role.

Regions of London

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