Oasis Role as Front-End Web Developer, London

Oasis Stores Logo

Retail giant, Oasis Stores, brought me in to work on a seasonal marketing campaign which aimed to bring increased sales over the xmas period. The Photoshop designs had already been completed and my task was to construct a responsive template for the new content as well as vary what was being displayed via Javascript.

This was my first experience in a retail environment and i found there to be a similar atmosphere to my work in agencies across London, with tight deadlines but interesting projects. There was also a real feeling that your contributions would be seen by real customers, which is always rewarding.

Contracting with in the retail sector is very common and i am hopeful that this experience will open up other opportunities within this industry. Many major stores hold their headquarters around London and these often include web departments, which could now be options for future contracts.

Javascript was needed to rotate content depending on the date, as this design was essentially an advent calendar from where customers on Oasis’ email list would be able to see new offers each and every day. The campaign was therefore aimed at encouraging daily visits during the company’s seasonal sales, ultimately boosting sales.






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