Considerable experience with a variety of front-end markup, starting way back with HTML4.0 and XHTML, leading into HTML5 since it's release. HTML5 aims to bring new features and possibilities to native web markup.

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Modern CSS3 techniques enable use of code in place of where design packages like Photoshop were previously required, such as with drop shadows and gradients. There are also new layout techniques brought in by CSS3.

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CSS-compiling can make managing the website front-end far easier, and Sass is currently the preferred option for many web development professionals. Compass is a useful add-on that can also extends SASS's possibilities.

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Responsive frameworks can help to speed up web development substantially and Twitter Bootstrap is my preferred choice. Additionally, i have considerable experience in building custom-made responsive websites from scratch.

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A high level of Javascript knowledge is fundamental to any front-end web developer and this includes native Javascript. It is not possible to rely entirely on frameworks and an understanding of the base below it helps solve more complex issues.

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Javascript frameworks continue to save time for web developers all over the world and jQuery is one that i have an excellent understanding in. jQuery helps me deliver code faster and leaner, building websites that are consistent across browsers and devices.

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Sandos San Blas Tenerife Holiday
by : tomgurney

  Our first trip to Tenerife, having grown very fond of the Canary Islands over the past two years. Having completed several contracts in a row, and with nothing lined up immediately after my time at Cambridge Audio, it made sense to fit this 10 day trip now before picking up some more work in Continue…

London Web Developer – Tom Gurney

Welcome to This website outlines my skills and experiences as a London-based Front-End Web Developer and also offers myself an opportunity to experiment with the latest technologies in which i am involved.

My key skills include HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and SEO though i continually add new items in order to ensure that i remain a broadly-skilled contractor/freelancer, with cutting-edge knowledge of the Web Development industry.

Recent additions to my skillset have included Responsive Design through media queries, as well as many features related to HTML5 such as improved semantics, Geolocation and Offline Storage.

Some of my future items of interest would include other Javascript frameworks such as jQuery Mobile and there are examples of some of my work with these technologies within this website. Responsive design also requires a consistent tracking of new devices as and when they appear, as well as their usage levels in order to ensure that a broad-base of users are covered correctly. If you are looking specifically for a Object Oriented (OO) Javascript Developer, please see examples of my work here.

Design Experience

Having served as a Web Designer for many years i decided to move across to Front-End Web Development several years ago. I still retain a good knowledge of many design packages & markup languages such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash along with earlier versions of HTML/XHTML and CSS 1/2.

My grounding in design has greatly benefitted my User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) skills, and i have now completed various prototypes for the purposes of User Testing at very early stages of several projects. I have been involved in wireframing for mobile apps and desktop websites and enjoy this alternative to traditional coding and more detailed visual design.

Corporate & Agency Experience

Corporate & agency roles bring different requirements for designers and developers and having worked for long periods in both i am very comfortable with most types of workplaces. My corporate work has included a 3-year stint at the BUPA Headquarters in central London whilst my agency work covers several small to medium sized businesses specialising in all types of print and web design across the UK.

Working Methodologies

Recent roles have involved the use of Agile & Kanban amongst our web development teams and these Scrum-based systems are excellent for producing efficient, motivated staff members who take responsibility for, and pride in, their work. You can learn more about my working methodologies here.

Available for Contract Work in London, UK

My career has taken me to various cities, with Shanghai, China being amongst the most exciting. I am now happily settled in London and will certainly be here in the time being. I am based in Greenwich, South East London and will happily commute to most parts of the city for the right contract role. If you would like to discuss any opportunities with me in further detail, please visit my contact page.

I decided to become a Front-End Contractor / Freelancer after spending many years as a fulltime employee and finding myself too comfortable for my own good. Contracting as a freelancer offers me a chance to keep as up-to-date as possible with the latest changes in the web development industry by experiencing many different workplaces and also to keep my skills and passion as fresh as possible by constantly seeking new and different challenges. London provides a perfect location for this, too.